Kompleet Feeds represents the brand of feed ingredients and compound feeds which provide quality and wholesome nutrition to livestock, poultry and aquatic organisms. These feed ingredients and compound feeds are produced in state of the art production facilities by different “Value Chain Partners“, these value chain partners are selected though a stringent evaluation process which are assessed by the following criteria : 
a) Good manufacturing practices conforming to GMP+ 
b) Adherence to various environmental standards including organic feed regulations in Europe and USA. 
c) Commitment to social responsibility through compliance to fair trade regulations and has positive investments for pro-poor development initiatives


Our value chain partners are those who comply with our stringent criteria of GMP+ecological standards and social responsibility and supply feed ingredients and compound feed under the brand of Kompleet Feeds. Presently following are our value chain partners. 


Ekologie Forte is a company which works in partnership with various farmers groups spread across various parts of India. In the feed segment – Ekologie Forte supplies Organic Cane Molasses and Organic Soy Lecithin which is being sold under the brand – Kompleet Feeds. 


Vandana Organic has oil milling unit and supplies organic oil seed meals and organic grains for organic feed sector. Vandana Organic is presently working with organic farmers groups in central India. Vandana Organic is also produces compound feed for the poultry and dairy industry.

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